why photography?

I love photography because it allows me to learn about someone’s story, capture it, and evoke emotion in the viewer.  Then, delivering frozen moments of their lives to the world.  What is your story?

How do I capture it?

Richard Avedon once wrote, ” I often feel that people come to me to be photographed they would go to the doctor or a fortune-teller —to find out how they are.  So they’ve depended on me.  I have to engage them.  Otherwise, there’s nothing to photograph.  Building rapport with my subjects set the foundation for a “good” photograph. 

What i do?

As a photographer, we are essentially painter’s of light.  Whether we are aware or not, be tend to describe a person using light intensity; she lights up the room when she comes in.  He had a dark side to him.  As a photographer, I hope to accurately portray a person’s emotional response through my camera lens.